in a nutshell

When I’m not sitting behind a computer, I am more than likely pursuing one of my many hobbies. I am an avid motorcycle enthusiast. Whether its dragging knee at the track, cruising down A1A or building a custom out of a 1980 Yamaha XJ – it’s my favorite indulgence. Scuba diving is a close second and during lobster season I try and go out every Wednesday night. Nothing tastes better than free lobsters! I also enjoy traveling and destination diving; in the last two years I have been to Turks and Caicos, Belize and Greece. I also enjoy honing my photography skills and have picked up a DSLR Camera. I believe a strong mind needs a strong body; I try to eat healthy and have been training in Muay Thai kickboxing at American Top Team for the last two years. Skydiving and surfing have been my two most recently acquired hobbies. I can stand up on a long board and am getting close to completing my A License in skydiving. Although I don’t get out much these days, I have been hitting the links since I was ten. Several years ago, I went on a fantastic golf trip to Scotland.Being a designer, I have always had a passion for all forms of artistic expression. I really enjoy putting the brush to the canvas and have recently learned some printmaking techniques, including silkscreen. Lastly, I have to mention my dog, Biggie Smalls; he is a hundred pound Labrador-Rottweiler mix that I rescued when I moved to Florida. Although his high energy can be trying at times, he’s truly this man’s best friend.

professional experience

  • Past

    I built my first website when I was a 17 year old high school junior and since then I was hooked. I freelanced all through college and even after when I started a career in sales. Although I enjoyed my sales experience it was not my true calling.

  • Present

    I have been with Homes Media Solutions working as a senior front end developer for the past five years. Part of my responsibilities are designing and maintaining some of the largest real estate clients on the planet:,, and

  • Future

    We have been collaborating with and working around the clock to launch our newest platform: Homes Connect. An agent based web product that will combine the efforts of several different companies along with a social media widget that will offer a complete solution for the realtor.