Dell XPS 8300 Card Reader Not Working – Fixed
From some googling this seems to be a common issue with the XP3 8300 series of desktops.  Whenever I put in any memory card it would show up under “My Computer” but when I clicked on it, I got the “please insert media to drive x”.  I could get it to see it if I […]
Write Less, Do More: Less the dynamic stylesheet language
Recently I have been playing around with a dynamic stylesheet language: Less. Less extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions. LESS runs on both the client-side (IE 6+, Webkit, Firefox) and server-side, with Node.js (which can be downloaded here ).   I like how you can specific a variable in one […]
Memory Fox – A Must Have Firefox Add-on for Developers
If you are in any kind of web development you are familiar with the developer tool; Firebug.  Since the launch of Firefox 5 I have been more than frustrated with the blatant memory leaks in what was my favorite web browser. I turned to Google Chrome for the majority of my browsing needs, if only their developer […]
Placing IE only stylesheets
Every front end developer has run into styling issues when dealing with the dreaded Internet Explorer and its different variations.  I cant tell you how many bug tickets I received to the tune of, “its looks great in FF, Safari, Chrome but is a mess in IE”.  Or worse its only IE6 or IE7 and looks perfect […]
MKV2VOB Converting Problems Fixed (PS3 Streaming)
  I am sure I do not stand alone when I say the recent problems converting mkv’s with mkv2vob has been frustrating.  It seems over the last several months less and less files have been successfully converted without the dreaded “tsmuxer.exe has stopped working” or video with no sound. After pounding the forums and playing with […]
Optimising TVersity for PS3 / Xbox for HD Streaming
  I really didn’t want this blog to shift in the direction of a tech blog, but I have walked enough people though the TVersity setup that I feel this guide is necessary. Out of all the solutions available for console streaming (TwonkyMedia, Nero MediaHome and Windows Media Player 11) I have found that Tversity […]
Browser CSS hacks for dealing with compatibility issues
Some say it’s dirty coding, and maybe it is, but sometimes it’s easier to write a little hack rather than beat your head up against the desk for hours because IE 7 wont display correctly (or sometimes at all) With these you’ll be able to better target IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera from within […]
Ode to Firebug
If you are developer and dont know what Firebug is then shame on you.  But for those of you non-code folks, Firebug is an add-on for Firefox and is hands down the best developer tool available.  Its simple to use and lets you make live edits to your css, html and javascript.   I cant […]
Aptana Studio 3 = Win
  I’ve been using this open-source program for a few months now and I’m impressed.  For javascript and jquery coding its simply to best out there.  I like to code in the dark (or as dark as an office will allow) and the gray background on the GUI is really easy on the eyes, especially […]
TestingWebsites for Mobile Platforms
Its seems like only a few years ago I was saying, “who doesn’t have a cell phone” and now its more like; who doesn’t have a smart phone?  With the dawn of the smart phone has come a new avenue for developing apps and websites to specifically cater to the mobile device.   As the customer moves forward so does the demand for […]