Its seems like only a few years ago I was saying, “who doesn’t have a cell phone” and now its more like; who doesn’t have a smart phone?  With the dawn of the smart phone has come a new avenue for developing apps and websites to specifically cater to the mobile device.   As the customer moves forward so does the demand for a better, faster loading mobile based site.  I have currently been developing a mobile site for our largest client and wanted to share a little information about testing, because the pages dont look the same on every mobile OS.


First off you need to download some emulators for testing each OS


Android OS: SDK Tools

BlackBerry OS: Rim* (extension of VS and you need most of the different OS because some don’t recognize margins/padding)

Windows Mobile: Emulator

iPhone Emulator : Third Party

I can say from first hand experience that there is nothing fun about running these emulators, especially the BB ones (which is also the hardest browser to debug)